Best ways to fill your belly

Hey there, if you are searching the best ways to fill your stomach with then this post is for you.

There is a habit that everyone of us go with is eating our bag-full whenever our favourite dish comes on the table.These creates many health-related issues that we are unaware of.

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Going back to the fact to remember WHY DO WE NEED FOOD?. Finds simple answer- food is necessary for the survival. Moreover, we need our daily bites to sustain ourselves so that our strength does not fail.

 But the real nightmare comes to act whenever we extra-fill our stomach or belly with whatever comes in our way.

Overeating enhances the chances of diseases of heart as well as your whole body. Whenever you consume more than what suffice your hunger for energy, laziness and fatigue takes tool-on in your body.

Overeating makes your body prone to excessive bed rest and makes you demotivated.

As a matter of habitual eating-until-full makes you fatter, weakens your body and strength and makes you prone to various types of illness.

So, finding best ways to fill your belly will definitely help you out from this nightmare.


Here are three best ways how can you fill your belly:

Ancient practised and modern accepted methods on how you should end-up with your meals include certain roles to roast-

  1. Always fill one-third of your stomach with food that will provide you the required energy with.

2. Fill the another third with water or drink, for it enhances the process of digestion and other metabolic reactions in your body.

3. And always leave the last third of your stomach empty for breathing.

Remember, the huge and complex body of human beings is actually made up of three basic elements called solid, water (as liquid) and air.

 And that’s the reason why should give every element its own share equally so that the inner complex machinaries work well to give the best of output.

what actually happens when you eat more than required?

  • Whenever you fill your stomach fully, water do not find its place to operate with the digestive processes.
  • A full stomach also means not having enough space for breathing normally as the muscular diaphragm finds no abdominal space for its operation.


Being in a good food habit makes you more helpful with your daily chores.Thus health should be chosen as the main priority for every one of us. The more you are aware with your health the more you find your life easy and fulfilling.

Writer’s thanks for reading till the end of a valuable article on your health that I hope guided you from different ways and angles. So that you find the best of proven methods to go with your daily lives.

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