Benefits of cupping therapy, its side effects, process of cupping:

Well before you know the main benefits of cupping therapy,its side effects, process of cupping etc. you must first understand about the methods of cupping. How its done, what are its different ways, why should you prefer cupping, etc.

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What is cupping?

Well, cupping is an age-old method of removing bodily toxins from our body through the skin.

Usually, a body massager does cupping with the help of small glass cups, metal cups or bamboo cups. Which a body massager places making upside-down on your affected body parts and over the skin itself.

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Generally, the cups are air suck by the use of fire or modern days vacuum tools.

 Place over cups on the affected body parts start sucking the septic blood or the toxins from the veins carrying impure blood underneath.

Thus cleanses the toxins of your body by pulling out the toxic materials from the blood.

How to do cupping?

Usually a cupping massager uses metal cups or glass cups or clay cups for the purpose of cupping. In this process a cup is subjected to fire-suck to make it vacuum from inside. Modern day, in the process of cupping a body massager uses cups mounted with manually handled air suckers fitted with syringe etc. Whereas, modern day machine operated suckers fitted with sucker pipes are also available for the said process.

Cupping massager applies ointment such as oils or vaseline-grease to make it more effective when applied.

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Furthermore, a massager places the cups or mounts them over the affected sites of the body. The diiferent parts of your body where you can apply the cupping processes are neck (near jugular veins), upper backs or lower backs, on thighs, upper arm muscles, etc..

Further, the cups remain on the affected sites of the body for a given period of time depending on the amount of toxins to be suck-out.

After the completion of the process, a massager removes the cups from the affected sites of the body. Then the sucked out toxic venous blood is removed and washed well. Moreover, the cupped sites of the body are supplied with various ointments for its further healing etc. And this is how your cupping is done.

Cupping, a remedy for various ailments:

Well, the process of cupping find its wide acceptance in modern day to extract out septic blood of your body.

The method of cupping helps in cleansing the bodily toxins and gives soothing effect to the affected areas of your body and makes body parts spasm free and soft.

Cupping helps in gentle extraction of septic materials which includes unwanted drugs, poisons etc.

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Long lasting diseases so called chronic diseases resulting from accumulation of thick and cold toxic substances in the affected regions of your body can also be cured using the methods of cupping therapy.

Among the best of remedies, cupping find its place to be on the top for detoxifying the bodily wastes.

Areas or regions most preferable for cupping therapy:

It is more often a recommendation that the process of cupping is more beneficial to people living in warmer regions of the world. Moreover, cupping is also prefferable during the hot seasons of the year. This is because the blood of your body circulates more closer to the surface of your skin in such climatic conditions.

No doubt the process of cupping is beneficial to everyone. But the people living near the tropical regions of the globe should go for it first. The different regions or countries includes- Thailand (hub of massage therapy which includes cupping), United States of America (USA), India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Bangladesh, China, Middle East Asian countries, African countries, etc.

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How cupping therapy is beneficial?

Here are the few bullet points to look for cupping benefits :

  • Cupping is beneficial and useful in case of many blood-borne tumours in the lungs, liver and spleen, so called ‘graveyard of RBCs’.
  • The process of Cupping is beneficial on the upper section of your back. As it helps in reducing aches in shoulders, throat and neck.
  • The process of Cupping on your jugular veins (veins on your neck region). Because it helps you out against issues related to tired eyes, teeth, facial muscles, nose etc.
  • Doctor advices cupping to be beneficial against abnormal bulging of eyeballs, feeling of heaviness in your eyebrows, eyelids etc.
  • Painful chin, infections on throat and spasm on facial muscles are curable using cupping under your chin.
  • Cupping on the lower part of chest further finds its effectiveness against gout, sores, haemorrhoids, various skin diseases and filariasis or elephantiasis.
  • Moreover, the methods of cupping is useful against many sexual health related disorders such as testicular irritations, irregular monthly periods etc.

Side effects of cupping:

The observed side effects of cupping may include-

  • Feeling of mild burning sensation on the applied areas of your body.
  • Temporary circular scar marks on the body can occur.
  • It can also lead to skin infections sometime.
  • May lead to bruises on the skin.
  • A temporary feeling of discomfort can overtake.
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Best time to do cupping:

  1. Cupping benefits or Cupping is preferable in the last half of a month rather than the beginning or almost end of a month.
  2. The process of cupping is preferable after a shower. Because a short shower helps in opening the pores of your outer skin, also ensures the cleansing of the body.
  3. Further, cupping is preferable during the day time and not after the sunset.
  4. Cupping is not preferable when your stomach is full or after taking a heavy meal. Since, it enhance the chances to many other health related disorders.

Thus, the process of cupping is a cure in empty stomach and a disease in full.

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Choosing the best and the most effective time for cupping maintains good health and prevents you against many health-related disorders.

So, next time when you visit a spa make sure that you undergo cupping therapy.

Lastly, if you have ever undergone the process of cupping then please share with us few of the cupping benefits you have experienced.

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